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Charming B&B in Provence

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The "Route66" Bistro/Lounge is a friendly space for our guests to relax. It opens onto a large terrace by the pool with a superb view of the perched village of Reillanne

A breakfast  "à la carte" (included in rooms' rates) is served there every morning starting at 8am

In the afternoon guests can order a bottle of wine or a cocktail by the pool. The Lounge also offers a library (in french and in english), a pool table, a fitness area and a bocce court called "pétanque" in Provence.

Some local products from our suppliers and partners are also displayed for sale.

In the evening, starting at 7pm, the Bistro proposes its aperitifs and for dinner a carte of  delicious plates using using local products along with a nice selection of french wines (available by the glass as well) and some local beers.

In 2021 an outdoor grill/BBQ will  complement our carte with "gourmet burgers"!

Outdoor sofas, fire pit and good music will feed the ambiance!

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